Glass washers

Steeltech 35

Single-wall general construction with fl at welded plate rack guides. Full double-skin construction for the door. The tank has welded bottom and is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.

User interface
Comprised of four sturdy function keys and a LED display which shows the wash and rinse temperatures. The tank and boiler temperatures can be adjusted, as can the peristaltic dosing units for rinse aid and detergent (if present).


Rack size


Maximum height for glasses


Maximum height for dishes


Technical specifications

Maximum real productivity*

30 racks/hour

Maximum theoretical productivity

40 racks/hour

Dimensions W x D x H

40 cm

Tank capacity

40 litres

Boiler capacity

40 litres

Tank heating element

40 W

Boiler heating element

40 W

Wash pump – power

200 W

Rinse pump – power

Drain pump – power

Total power consumption

40 W

Power supply voltage – Phases

40 V

Max. current

16 amp

Min-max water supply pressure

16 bar

Min-max water supply temperature

16 °C

* Water supply temp. 50°C, Rack loading and unloading time 12”

Steeltech 35 is the perfect solution for

Customers areas


Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY

Customers areas


Viale Europa, 24 – 37045
Legnago (VR) – ITALY